Allows any webpage viewer to act as a worker in a client-server relationship. Website owners add a single script tag in their page to make viewers into workers. Developers can utilize the processing power of client computers to carry out embarrassingly parallel processes

Technologies: Node.js, web sockets


MHacks III

Android App that identifies a song that's playing (like Shazam) and then also identifies all the samples that the song contains and gives you Youtube links to those songs at the spot in the song where the sample occurs.

Technologies: Android, web scraping



A Customer Relationship Management platform built on top of Facebook's Uses a chrome extension to inject html interactive html and javascript into page.

Technologies: javascript, chrome extension



Visualizes how people are feeling about a topic, and where. It performs sentiment analysis in real-time on Tweets (favorable or unfavorable), maps the sentiment to a color (from green to red, respectively), and plots it on a map.

Technologies: D3.js, Node.js, Twitter API, OAuth 2.0



Analyzes your and your friend's instagram photos using facial recognition technologies to generate a score based on how many of your photos are selfies.

Technologies: Ruby On Rails, Facial Recognition

GitHub Projects


I'm always working on random smaller projects. Checkout my github for some other random projects like my url shortner, statistics generating bot that lives in groupme.

Technologies: MEAN, Python, Android, iOS

Work Experience

Microsoft, StaffHub

The go-to app for deskless workers to manage their life at work

Summer 2015 (present) - Atlanta, GA

Implemented, tested, and iterated on feature with service, android and web components. Feature significantly decreases the amount of time it takes managers to make schedules for their workers.

Technologies: C#, Memcached, Redis


Enterprise Mobility Management

Summer 2015 (present) - Atlanta, GA

Designed and Implemented distributed server side cacheing. AirWatch's servers communicate with up to 300,000 devices and each device checks into the server every 5 minutes. I sped up the process of identifying each device by 30% using cacheing. All my work for AirWatch was done in C#.

Technologies: C#, Memcached, Redis


Location Based Social Media Monitoring

Summer 2014 - Chicago, IL

Integrated the Geofeedia API with Motorola police terminals. Redesigned public facing Map Widget. Wrote script that uses twitter API to geolocate user's home address based on their past tweets. Wrote API scraper to get > 30,000 public facebook posts per day. Built inhouse video tutorial engine.

Technologies: PHP, MySql, API integration

Georgia Tech


Georgia Tech, 2013-2017.

Computer Science (BS)


Director - Startup Exchange

Alumni Chair - Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity